Retrieve data in mysql and return this data in http repsonse

I made a http request endpoint to retrieve data in mysql and return this data in http repsonse.
But seems like that it doesn't work. I can get data from mysql .But No way to reply .

can you post the output of msg.payload ?

Are you passing on the full message in the function? It is important not to lose message properties coming in from the http node (which is an http in, not an http request). Add debug nodes at each point, set to show complete message and make sure they are not being lost.

Also, if the above suggestions don't fix it, tell us what happens when you try to reply.



This is msg.payload information.

That does not in any way seem to answer the questions and suggestions I made. Please read my post again and make sure you understand each of the points I made and then provide the information asked for.

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