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Hey folks, I've been deep diving into node red for the last few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I had built an electron app for my team, but it was a little too much upkeep and complexity for the stuff I was doing. One feature I'm having a hard time though is getting downloading setup.

I have users drag and drop excel / csv files, display data, edit and in the end download it. We have to save files in multiple locations, so trigging the save popup is nice. What would be a recommended way to go about this? I have read this post here and tried it out. Not a fan of right-clicking save-as on a hyperlink. Is there an alternative option?

I found the answer I was looking for! I used this code example, but just added to the download="file_name". This pops up the normal web browser "download file".

<div >
    <a href="/files/log.log" download="proposed_file_name.csv">download log.log</a>
    <a href="/files/log2.log">download log2.log</a>
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