Downloaded a flow - how do I find unknown node dependencies?

First time user here - I managed to download a flow from the library:

I see it depends on some unknown nodes, like 'ui_button', 'ftp in',...

I go to the node palette install tab and do a search for 'ui_button' and 5 modules are available. When I type a search of 'ftp in', 8 modules are available.

How do I find the right module that contains the nodes marked unknown in this flow?

Shouldn't the dependencies be listed in the flow library page for this flow?

What steps am I missing to make the nodes recognized in the library flow?


Welcome to the forum @filipmu

It says in the text on that page that it needs node-red-contrib-ftp and node-red-contrib-image-tools, which you can install using Manage Palette in the node red menu. If it needs ui_button then it should have said that it also needs node-red-dashboard, which includes the basic ui_ nodes.

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You can use the rather well hidden Flow Inspector to see what nodes are in a flow.


That can certainly be useful, but can often be confusing. For example, in this case it suggests half a dozen possible ftp nodes and several different dashboards.

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Thanks for all the info - this is helpful. It's too bad the flow library doesn't make requirements mandatory, or better yet - the library names should be recorded in the flow json so that its more or less self-contained rather than depending on someone documenting it.

Hhm... I didn't know that existed either!
What is the navigation route for users to find the Flow inspector?
I've probably missed it, but I didn't find any links to it from Documentation : Node-RED

It was announced quite a while ago, can't remember the details I'm afraid.

New thing: Flow Inspector - General - Node-RED Forum (

Jan 2020

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Thanks @TotallyInformation
I see in that thread that @cymplecy has already suggested a menu link for users to access the function.

Probably needs someone to submit a PR to the docs. :smiley:


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