Driving me bonkers! "Using unencrypted credentials"

Do we have to have this pasted to the debug panel every single time node-red is restarted?!

I'm working in a dev environment and I don't want to be annoyed by this each time. Could we please have a way to supress it? I don't want to encrypt my project creds in dev.

Pretty please!


you mean you read the log every time you start Node-RED ? :slight_smile:
I use nodemon and let it auto restart things for me when I resave files, so I don't need to watch that window unless there is a problem.

How do you know when to hit the refresh button on the browser to reload the flow editor?

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Only when I've screwed something up!

I wouldn't mind it only going into the log - but it doesn't - it appears in the editor's debug panel which constantly distracts from other things.

??? Different issue. You reload the editor when you've changed the html file - the exact timing is something you get a feel for and depends on your setup, machine and how complex your nodes and flows are.

It doesn't show up for me! I only have an MQTT config in the file, but it's unencrypted:

    "4a46acfce798c2ed": {},
    "3a867ff696d4dc42": {},
    "b6d941184835f665": {
        "user": "admin",
        "password": "nevergiveawayyourpassword"

It comes from the project settings I believe:

:sigh: even trying to set it is a problem:

Honestly, I only have projects turned on because I want to test them with uibuilder.


0|Node-RED  | 2 Jan 21:19:43 - [error] Error

Editor console log:

Call stack:

I have been using projects and also noticed this error when changing the key .

To duplicate what you have done, I changed my test project to start using a key and saved it. Viewing the file .config.projects.json file, I can see that the projects key changed from false to my selected key hello. The generic error was emitted at this point.



Viewing the projects creds file at /test-project/flow_cred.json, I could see that it was not yet encrypted. Hitting the deploy button restart flows caused a warning to be shown in the debug panel Encrypted credentials not found, which makes sense because now it is trying to use the new encryption key to decrypt the non-encrypted file.

Changing a credential setting in one of my nodes and then re-deploying triggered the flow_cred.json file to now become encrypted and then the errors and warning never re-appeared. Changing just a non-credential setting and reploying had no effect on the creds file.

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 7.57.02 AM


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