Dynamic Addition of Devices on Web-App MQTT

I have a bunch of devices that can connect to my Mosquitto Broker hosted on an Azure Virtual Machine. I have Node-RED running on a Azure Web-App. Using the UI Builder node I am buidling a user friendly website that allows the user to configure simple rules to controll the devices (a lot like IFTTT).

Each devices has a Device Type parameter (Thermometer per exmple). Now to populate the website I have 2 options

  • Hardcoded a pre-determined amount of devices and their parametres

  • Allow the user to add devices that are connected to the MQTT Broker dynamically

The second option is obviously the best one. However, I have no clue how to do it. I assume I would need a database hosted on my VM to manage the additiona and removal of known devices and to monitor their connection status but other than that I'm pretty lost. Any advice/project where this was implemented?


I use this flow from DeanCording it could give you some ideas, its primarily for sonoff devices but perhaps you could do something similar for your application.


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