How to create automatic mqtt


Hi, I want to design smart home systems. But I have a problem. I have too many devices. and all of these devices will be sold to different people. user needs to add node-red e device with simple settings. I can introduce the server IP address and what the device needs to do. The problem is that you have to add this device and add it automatically on the node-red and it's supposed to come in. Thank you in advance for your valuable comments.



If i understand what you are trying to do is to use node-red as a gateway for smaller devices and as a consumer adds a new device, a flow or node has to be added to node-red gateway so the devices works.

If this close to what you are trying to do then I would look at the API interface and add the calls to your New Device Wizard/Setup interface/app, have a look at POST /flow in the docs.

Hope that helps,