Dynamic filename in File node

Hi guys,

Is it possible to put dynamic content in a node field without having a function node as an input?

Eg. I have a flow.chartTempFname variable. I would like to insert it in the Filename field. Do I have to use a function node as an input or there's an existing syntax such as $$flow("chartTempFname") to get the context variable?


You set it either in the node, or by passing in msg.filename. You can use a Change node set msg.filename to whatever you want dynamically.

You cannot set it via context directly in the node.

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Ok, I needed a confirmation that there's is no shortcut for my needs.


I just noticed in one of my nodes, I see a function in the Value format field.

Where can I get documentation about this feature?

Did you look at the ‘Help’ tab while the node is selected?