Insert path into "File In" node

I'm using a flow to create a path to a file via the dashboard. User interfaces the date picker to select year, month, and day, then a slider to get the hour of interest. I take the newly created yyyymmddhh and append the rest of the path such that the final output string looks like this: "/home/pi/DaveCSV/2020012309.csv". This part is working as I had hoped - at least it shows correctly in the debug window exactly as I want.
The question is, I want that path to show up in my File In node, in the "Filename" blank. I'm struggling to tell the "File In" node where to look for my file. When I paste in the created path into the Filename blank, it works correctly so I know my path and filename are created correctly and there really is a file there by that name. I can read and parse without issue. I just can't get the created path to show up in the Filename field of the File In node.

Off the top of my head....
I'm sure the file in node side bar help info says something like leave file name field blank and send file name in msg.filename

Try putting a change node before the file in node and set msg and filename to your file path.

Note, the file name will never "show up" in the field. You leave it blank to be able to send in any number of different filenames dynamically.

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