Dynamic Flow Chart

Hi everyone, I am looking for the best solution or ideas.
My issue is drawing a static flow chart diagram in the dashboard and animate it using the values read from Siemens PLC.
I'm able to read and write data but I'm not sure for the flow chart diagram format. I'm thinkihg in svg image format but I'm not sure in this solution.

@BartButenaers and @Steve-Mcl have developed an impressive SVG node for the Node-RED Dashboard. Maybe that could fit your needs?

Here are some pointers:


Is there a way to store the replica / image of entire node-red flow as SVG (1 tab at a time) ?
e.g. If I already the entire JSON for a given node-red tab/flow - I'd like to see the same as SVG - that way if I need to animate specific sections of the SVG flow, I can possibly customize the same.
I am trying to build a run-time view of each tab/flow with this functionality (not in the NR Editor, but outside NR).