Creating SCADA for furnace

Hello, I was trying to build a SCADA for a furnace with what I have learned so far from node-red forums. I'm sharing the flow below. I was thinking if there is a better way to do it by showing entire process rather showing process blocks.
flows.json (79.3 KB)

I tried SVG node and being new to coding, have no idea how to use it. If any one can share a flow using svg node it would be of great help. I tried to work on example given with the node but couldn't understand much. :sob:

Hi @sahsha,
Can you describe a bit more in detail what you are looking for? Because the readme pages are full of examples, and there are also a series of step by step tutorials on the wiki pages. And the short animation at the start of the readme page shows how to get started to display a simple circle.

thanks for the link. will go through it.

right now I'm trying to understand how to use SVG format. It's actually me who lacks the required coding skills. I see you're the creator of SVG node :+1:. Will ask you for help if I stuck somewhere. Till then I want to figure it out myself.

I also wanted that if someone have created something similar which might help with the inspiration I need.
Just for your reference, below is the process I want to create. where raw material moving from one location to another can be shown and other parameters like temperatures, fan, door closing, etc can also be shown/animated.

There is a HMI demo in the examples (CTRL+I, examples, ui-svg)

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Ah ok. Well the readme page assumes that you know a bit of SVG. Because there are already so many SVG tutorials available on the web, it would be rather silly if I would create another one.

But of course the SVG node has grown over time due to a huge number of feature requests. And the documentation has grown also meanwhile. So perhaps I need to add a getting started tutorial.

Unfortunately I don't now anything about Scada systems. So hopefully others join to give you some advice.
From a technical point of view, your example seems rather doable. I you know how to draw a rectangle, you are already half way :wink:

Here is the example that Steve has created at the time being:


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