PLC HMI using svg dashboard node

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure it's the right place to post this :slight_smile:
it is basically an HMI SCADA interface created with node-red-contrib-svg (thank you very much for the development of this node!) which acquires data from a SIEMENS S7 PLC via ethernet network and S7 protocol and makes it visible through the node-red-dashboard!

the result of this combination is simply fantastic !:
system description:

  1. OS linux debian buster 10.3 (KDE plasma)
  2. node-red
  3. a lot of passion on my part!

I attach the screenshot, obviously I have obscured the logo of my company for obvious reasons.

if whant the demo code, i can post it :slight_smile:
thank you all!!!


That would be really good for us and the community. Please do.

In fact, would you post a version on the flows library? Label it something appropriate like "Dashboard SVG HMI demo"

Obviously not everyone has a PLC so if you could perhaps swap the plc data for inject nodes too?

Or 2 versions (one with dummy data, other for PLC)?

ok, I have completed the "Dashboard SVG HMI demo" flow :slight_smile:

flow node dependencies:

  1. node-red-dashboard
  2. node-red-contrib-ui-level
  3. node-red-contrib-ui-svg
  4. node-red-contrib-drawsvg
  5. node-red-contrib-pid
  6. node-red-node-random
  7. node-red-contrib-message-sequencer

to interfacing PLC I have used the node-red-contrib-s7, next week i post a demo flow with PLC S7 protocol demo example :slight_smile:

Dashboard SVG HMI demo flow

flows (15).json (533.1 KB)


That is really cool! Congratulations for this very nice usage of our contrib-s7 node.
Did you build some kind of physical HMI for this application? Or the user accesses it by a standard PC Desktop?

Thank you so much for the compliments :slight_smile:
first I had thought of integrating everything into a PanelPC IP67 ATEX but it was too expensive in terms of costs to be incurred, then I opted for a different solution, that is a fanless miniPC wifi with remote monitor for the management of the plant, positioned in a safe area. next week I will post a new flow containing the example of full integration with the S7 protocol.

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