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I am working with a Schneider screen and I would like to know if there is any way to load the dashboard of my node red

I think that you will need to provide more information. There are 10's of thousands of bits of hardware, we can't know them all. What type of screen is it? What is it connected to? Does the hardware run an OS? Is it driven by a microprocessor? If so, can the firmware be tweaked?

I have a weidmuller UC20-WL2000-AC PLC from which I have programmed the Red Node, in which I have a dashboard that I would like to be able to put in a Schneider HMIST6400 7W Basic HMI

I note that it contains an ARM Cortex so I assume it runs some form of Linux. Does it come with Node-RED embedded?

Unless other people on the forum have used this kind of device, I think you may be better off asking on the Schneider forums.

Hi @NodeNoobbb, i think you need to install Node-RED on your HMI (ARM Cortex-A8) and created an dashboard on your HMI, then share your variables from your PLC (with MODBUS, MQTT or other).
But, if you can install a web browser on your HMI, i think you can load the dashboard from your PLC. i am not sure.

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I have obtained a HMI stw 6400 that has a Web Server, now I only have to put the IP of the PLC and in principle I could see the dashboard on the HMI screen. Now the problem is that it gives me an error when trying to access the web page

It doesn't look as if you are using the correct URL.


It didnt work :frowning:

You need to resolve that ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID issue which seems to be an SSL error (per google)

I assume that NR is not running on this device. Is the IP of the device trunning NR
can you get to NR using a different PC or MAC?

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