Custom HMI outside node-red


I have S7-1200 PLC; I would like to build an HMI for it (web-based). While doing so, I quickly realize that the programming memory is small.


  • Custom HMI is estimated to be around 400MB in size.

  • The connection between the device (tablet/PC) must be via Wi-Fi, not the Could.

  • Able to send and receive data using the HMI.


node-red seems to be appropriate.

Since the server is still running on the PLC, and I would like to build a custom HMI, it should be outside the PLC. Basically, the minimum software that establishes the communication between the PLC and the device (i.e., node-red), then connects it to the HMI (not sure if possible).

Is something like this possible? Or are there other suggestions?

Thank you!


The first issue is connecting the PLC to the machine running node-red.What protocols does the PLC support (modbus for example)? Assuming that you can achieve that then you could use the node red dashboard to build an HMI, or uibuilder if you need more flexibility than the dashboard provides.

Thank you for the response Colin.
It is CPU 1512SP-1 PN, which supports OPC UA server and client. I saw examples that should be possible with node-red. Yes, I saw uibuilder after I posted this, which I think solves my problem. But I have one remaining issue, can I somehow run this on an Andriod Device?


What do you want to run on the Android device? Node red and uibuilder? Or do you mean you want to access node-red which is running somewhere else from your android device?

I mean to have an app eventually that uses node red and uibuilder

Do you mean an app that includes nodejs and node-red? I don't know whether it is possible to embed nodejs in an app.

Run it on RPi and (Bare minimal) simple interface for PLC as well

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