PLC testing with Node-Red

Hi, i am currently looking for a master thesis subject. I stumbled upon Node-Red and asked myself if it is possible to create a HMI with nodes and those nodes would contain command to a LAN-connected PLC like "Drive X Axis to limit switch". I am trying to create a testing environment that can be used by our system test engineers.

Many Thanks for your responses!

The quick and easy answer to all of your questions is yes.

The dashboard or UIbuilder can serve as a HMI.

There are quite a few a PLC based nodes for various plcs like Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens etc. There are also protocol nodes like Ethernet/IP, modbus and opc-ua.


Also agree on "yes" being the answer. I use Node-RED to automate hardware by controlling multiple linear drives (using Phidgets control boards) that can automate a 'machine' by placing a frame over the hardware being controlled.

At the same time we also automate the testing of applications like web sites using WDIO.



Here is a tutorial showing this.


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