HMI for openPLC using node-red

I am trying to create a simple HMI (human machine interface) to turn a LED on/off using node-red on openPLC ( openPLC is installed on Raspberry PI) . I am new to this entire PLC and not able to get any tutorial as to how to build a HMI using node-red. any help is appreciated.

take a look at node-red-dashboard which is the simplest way

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Can we install node-red in PC1 and connect to an openPLC which is installed on raspberry PI with IP and send messages using MODBUS TCP/IP protocol ?

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yeah that's perfectly doable.

Can you please help me out here. I went through the link to check for configuring openPLC node and other input nodes but dint find anything useful.

Try googling “node-red openplc”

Thanks. will look into it.

i too looking for same poc for this which is similar to yours on subject : how to integrate raspberry pi zero with openplc and along with HMI as node red over modbus tcp protocol