Dashboard view on WEB

This side Nitin Wakde. I'm basically a PLC programmer.
I'm able to read the PLC values in Node-red on my local computer (

but I want to see this dashboard out of my local network.
please help to configure the same.

You may wish to update the title because it looks like you are asking for access from the Internet.

If it is your local network and that network is reasonably trusted. All you need is to know the actual IP address of the device running Node-RED and to make sure that, if it is running a local firewall, it allows inbound connections to the port you've selected for node-red (1880 by default).

If it really is about access from the Internet. Please do a search on the forum because a lot has been written about this and about the complexities and risks.

Thanks !!
I have tried by using FRED cloud ..and its working.

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