Display Node-Red dashboard/UI on public webpage

Hi folks,

I've created an awesome dashboard using the node-red dashboard interface, below is a screenshot. I can now access it within my local network at

Is there a way to publish it to a webpage at an address, e.g., www.example.com/weather??
Should I open port 1880? If so, are there other alternatives?

Thanks in advance for any help.


If you use the search feature in this forum and search for
access node red from the internet
you will find a plethora of possible solutions, along with dire warnings about the dangers of opening your system up to hackers. Spend a couple of hours reading through those before deciding what is best for you (if you really need to do it). Make sure you understand the solution before embarking.


Thanks for the prompt response.
I just find the node-red quite easy to set up a dashboard.
I have the same data being injected into a MySQL DB on a web-hosted server. Not sure if there are any services out there that might also have the simplicity of creating such a dashboard.

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