Dashboard upload in the Internet

there is a possibility to integrate certain dashboard pages into an own website on the internet - upload.

It is not impossible. But it is not:

a) Safe - unless you have taken steps to ensure the security of Node-RED
b) Easy - you may need to configure CORS and other security settings to get it to work depending on the configuration of your website
c) Small - Dashboard is a significantly sized and complex beast

I only want to publish certain pages that do not pose a security risk.

Alternatively you could generate a website and upload it to the host.

But I'm quite a beginner and haven't found an example on the net yet.

Dashboard is an SPA so all of it will be available if any of it will.

Also, if you connect Node-RED to the Internet, there is already a security problem unless you take care to secure it well. We have previously seen Internet connected instances of Node-RED taken over in the past.

There are many ways to get some information generated in Node-RED onto the Internet. Much depends on what kind of information you need and how your website is managed.

In addition, some of us use IM style bots over Telegram to provide a secure channel. Node-RED has some good Telegram bot nodes. You can send/receive text, images, video, etc.

If you have a spare Pi, you could also set that up as a stand alone web server and push data to it from Node-RED. That would be a lot easier to secure.

Lots of other ways too.

yes i want to upload data from Node-RED to an external webserver. Can someone send me an example or link where I can find it?
I have a fine dust sensor and would like to provide the data at www.nuiler.de.
feinstaub-flows.json (5.3 KB)

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