Siemens HMI Dashboard connection

I would like to access the dashboard of my Windows laptop. I would like to realize this with a Siemens SIMATIC HMI. Unfortunately, I get the error message: please add some ui nodes to your flow and redeploy. From a second Windows PC an access is possible and the dashboard works. Could someone help me? Thank you very much

What urls are you using in the browsers on the two PCs?

[Edit] Actually I am not sure I understand where you are seeing the error message. Which device are you seeing it on and what s/w is it using?

On my Windows laptop where node-red is installed I use and on the second laptop I use
on the siemens hmi I also have the address and tried.

Does the hmi use a standard browser or does it have its own built in browser?
Can you look in the browser developer console and see if there are any errors?
Otherwise it might need someone with more in-depth knowledge to suggest why you might get that problem just on one client.

Is there a support forum or similar for the hmi device? If so then possibly asking a question there might be worthwhile.

I use the Siemens Simatic HMI TP1500 comfort. This one has an indented Internet explorer. It is a good idea that I will contact siemens support directly with this problem. thank you for the tip.

oooo - which version ? we would need IE 11 - but if it is an embedded version even that may be different.

ok thank you. I think it does not work with this "old" touch panel.

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