I have an specific service in one port and I need that this information in html page

I am using a raspberry pi (RPI) with an special distribution for hydrometer sensors (that send information to RPI) ,the service has an UI in port 1880. I connected this raspberry in the same lan with an HMI siemens pannel (KTP700) and I want to that information of the UI appears in HMI . The problem is that the HMI panel only support html pages. How can I convert the service to htm in order to be readable by the HMI?
-UI interface of RPI ( works in my local lan


Do you mean it does not support websockets, which the dashboard uses for data updates?
What error do you get in the hmi when you try?

Or do you mean it does not support javascript? Or what?

For example I configured in HMI a html object to open the local router that I have (

The result was

Now , when I write the url (where are the information), nothing appears, I gues is b/c the hmi only understand html page


Rather than guessing, look up the spec of the device to see exactly what it supports. To use the dashboard it needs to understand html and websockets.

Does not appear nothing about websockets
6AV21232GB030AX0_datasheet_en.pdf (249.3 KB)

I think this is maybe a better source of data
It says
"The functional scope of the HTML Browser is limited in comparison to the Internet Explorer:"
Which is not a good start, as IE is considered about the lowest of the low among browsers. Then it says
"The HTML Browser will only show pure HTML pages. VBScript, Java, JavaScript, Flash and ActiveX controls are not supported".
So in terms of getting the dashboard going you are doomed I think.

If the webbrowser supports images, you could go another route, by creating an http endpoint and using something like webdriver to create a screenshot of the dashboard and serve that to the endpoint.

Or just create an endpoint, use a template node to produce the html and serve that directly (instead of the dashboard)

How would you make it update dynamically?

You could add a meta keyword;

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">

You would need to poll. This assumes the internal browser supports the meta refresh directive.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1">

Refresh every 1 second

I had forgotten about that option.
@wcordova you could try a simple page generated from a template node and see whether the auto refresh works on the device.

How Can I do that with node red?

Do what with node red?

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