Starting my learning process!

Building panels to demonstrate sensors communicating over Ethernet/IP. Would like to control and visualize the sensors using an HMI. Who can point in a direction to start running down?

It will probably need you to use the dashboard.
I'd suggest using the node-red-dashboard one.

Before you start the Ethernet/IP stuff, get the dashboard side working.
Use either the gauge or chart to display the values (best guess)

Then make a simple bit of code to inject random/nominal values and make sure that works.

The other part is a bit tricky.

BTW: what is HMI?

Human Machine Interface ?

Ah... Yeah. To me they are MMI.... Man Machine Interface.

But... No problems.

Have a search on the forum - about a year ago people were asked to put up pictures of their dashboards - that should give you some good ideas.

Likewise if you want inspiration - head over to the home assistant forum - and look for the

To get some inspiration - all of the incoming data in NR can be quite easily fed to HA if you wanted to go that way


I find that creating a basic interface just using the 'canned' dashboard UI nodes, gives me a feel for what I can live with and what I want to enhance or customize with a bit of CSS or HTML effort. Using the basic UI components also makes it a simple prototyping environment for any final UI.


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