Help needed with some basic programming

I am involved in a project witch is growing by the day.
Its a control system for a repeater build here locally. I started off on Arduino but very quickly merged to RPI and node-red. I know my way around electronics but programming never was my thing.
I managed to setup and maintain a node-red system with dashboard and some security but i really got stuck with some basics like some and/or functions.
Also the need to control more and more and make thinks more robust and simple will make the project to big for me alone to properly manage.

It seems i really think logical but need to learn flow control and that's is the part i would appreciate some online help. I prefer Dutch residence as time zone and language would be more easy to manage but German or English is also no problem...

Thanks in advance.

I recommend watching this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. The videos are done by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point. You will understand a whole lot more in about 1 hour. A small investment for a lot of gain.

After that, see where you get to. If you are still stuck, come back with specific questions - someone will help out.

Hi Steve,

I did allready several hours of yoububing to get this far. I have seen the essientials. But again i need a programmer thinking in programs and i am a electronic engineer thinking electronics.. So yes i will go on but would like to meet a specialist guiding me and helping to make it perfect..

Struggeling on, but greetings from me.


Hi Benno, welcome to the forum!

Maybe you can share a bit more about your project and the concepts you are struggling with? I think Node-RED is a good way to get more familiar with certain programming concepts, really fast. So it's worth a try.

Ok, The project is a controlling of a ham-TV repeater.
First it was only the switching of certain functions with simple sliders and switches on the dashboard to several GPIO. and some temp measuring. Lately i got I2C running and some analog inputs for voltage and current. Now it get harder with power measuring witch is logarithmic and need some extra calculation before the display. Also my GPIO's are all used so a need some extra I/O via I2C witch i have..
Next there will be some controlling depending in certain I/O. I am Thinking AND en OR or even "if/than"
Finally i know when i make lots of detours via extra steps my program gets slow and faulty..

So in order to prevent premature disaster i'd rather get some help now..

I have and online running system but also a test environment witch can be placed online.
Because the project size i do not want to throw each part on a public forum....

Thanks in advance...

This sounds like an interesting project, although I have never heard of ham-TV. Visiting the hamtv website is like time travelling :wink:

You are beyond basic already and probably did not notice it!

There's a bit more information now but it's best to ask specific questions in the forum - else the chance of getting help is small.

Something like, "I want to visualize a nonlinear (logarithmic) curve, here's the data structure" and so on ... (just an example)

The cool thing about software is that you can do refactoring (not an easy task but doable). Sometimes you have to start fresh. That's the best way to learn, I guess.

I'm willing to offer a one-to-one online session (approx. one to two hours free of charge) to get familiar with your challenges. See it as a jump-start to get you going. However, I am not an RPI guy and can only offer help regarding Node-RED / programming concepts. Also, maybe there are some Dutch ppl around here - I can only offer English or German.

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