Dashboard UI is blank

Hi, I have problem with dashboard ui.
I am able to receive data from IBM IoT and see them in debug messages. However, the ui dashboard does not show anything. Would you tell me what I am missing here? Thanks!

I think one of the problems is that you don't have anything using the GUI side of things. All the nodes I can see in the flow are general nodes. Not GUI type nodes. On the left of the screen where the node are listed, do you have a `dashboard` group?

Screenshot from 2020-03-05 07-43-23

Because if you don't, there is part of the reason.


Ah, you have a different dashboard installed.

Ok, so you now have to work through how it is set up.

I've not used that one and try (well actually: always) use the node-red-dashboard.

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What makes you think that Andrew?
It looks like a normal dashboard flow to me, have I missed something.
These two nodes look like dashboard gauge & chart to me.
Could it be that the OP has wrongly described the term 'ui dashboard'


I agree, we really need a better description of the system from @Nim_nem

They look like different colors from the node-red-dashboard ones... image

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(Thanks @dceejay)

That stuck out to me like ....... and why the first part was posted and then redacted.

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Yes they are gauge & chart from ui

I just rename them.

I also have the node-red-dashboard installed.

@Nim_nem could you please click on the arrow at tech bottom where it says > 21 nodes
See the warning that says Type already registered? that couldbe a hint.

Also in the search just enter dashboard and see what is returned. There is a second dashboart 'mdashboard' andit conflicts with node-red-dashboard.

And this is my package.json

I have both node-red-dashboard and node-red-contrib-ui

Maybe this is the problem?

And bluemix-settings.js

Try removing node-red-contrib-ui and see what happens. It hasn't been updated in over 2 years and the github page for it is gone.

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Perfect! Thank you!
That was the problem. Now it is working!

We'll spotted Andrew!

It is strange though! After 10 minutes working properly, now it happened again.

I added some new nodes, it was working, and then I refresh the browser and now it is showing a blank page again.

Have you had a look at your node-RED log?

I did restart the node-red app and it is working again!
Is it always like this, i.e., when it is not working I need to restart everything?

Instead of restarting, you could have a look at the log and see if an error is shown.

I am very new in this. Would you please tell me where I can see the node-red-log?

Enter node-red-log at the CLI prompt.

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