Dynamic ip address for "node-red-contrib-gree-hvac"

I installed this node for my new GREE airco's and it works very well.

My problem is that I cannot give this AC a fixed IP address by DHCP reservation, so now I was wondering if I can dynamically change the ip address of the GREE node.

By means of the ARP node I can determine the IP address on base of MAC address, so then I would be able to configure the ip address of the GREE node.

Not a solution, but may be helpful.

thanks @Trying_to_learn, I already tried this in several ways, but nothing seems to work so far.

Why can't you give the A/C unit a fixed IP address?

Who is doing the DHCP?
Should be easy enough to do.
And sorry if the link seemed like a hand off..... I am not running on all cylinders just now but I remembered that thread and suggested it.

@Trying_to_learn , My modem-router can only be reached and configured by means of website of my internet-provider. The most I can do there is port forwarding, that's about it. So no IP or DHCP reservation possible.

The AC units can also not be given a fixed ip address, as far as I know.

That's a shame. (About the modem-router).

I don't understand why that is the situation, but I'm not going to stress on that.

Could you put a router in between the A/C and the existing router?
I know it is more work and introducing NAT (well, you could get around it, but that is complicated) and then get the A/C to talk to your ......
Oh, that's not going to work, either.


I'm out of ideas sorry.

@Trying_to_learn , Thanks, same here. I already thought about my own router or even switch to another internet provider, where I can control the router myself, but both solution are giving me many more problems and headaches.

So where on the network are you and the A/C?

Just it seems weird the whole set up.

Ok, the "router" is some how under the control of the ISP (provider).


(I'm not an artist)

The top is what is.... You can't control the IP allocation.

But if you stick a router as shown in the lower part, (at your place) you can then control all the allocations and IPs to the right.

So long as the A/C is where you are, that would fix the problem.

Just a thought.

@Trying_to_learn , Like I said, I considered that already, but in my case that would introduce new problems for me, so I ruled out that option.

Yeah, sorry. I just now noticed you did say that.

I think it is time for me to go to bed today. :wink:

It is 23:12 local here and it's been a long day.

Finally I have a solution to the problem. @Trying_to_learn I have done what you already suggested, I put my own router behind the router of the ISP. My ISP gave me a another modem/router that was able to function in bridge-mode, so it delivers a public IP address to my own router. Now I can do whatever I want with my router. So.......problem solved!!!

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