Dynamic ip on eth0:0?

Hi, i need to switch from dashboard my eth connection from static ip to dynamic ip.
I guess i've to setting up my dhcpcd.conf and then using ifup ifdown to switch the mode.

ok. for static ip i wrote the following lines:
interface eth0
static ip_address=

but what i have to write for dynamic mode??

What have you searched for so far? Keeping in mind this isn't a Node-RED question at all - there are lots of guides for configuring dhcpd online.

I'm so sorry i did not found nothing useful on the net, may u show me the right link?
Thanks for the reply.

As far as I know, just remove the static... line so it will then use dhcp for that interface.

Wow really??
I assumed that were the way, but it were looks too simple.Good to know i'll try
Many thanks.