Dynamically change chart x-axis based on data

Hi - I'm currently generating a line chart based on data returned from a mySQL query. Since I know what the timespan is for the data returned (due to the query) I want to dynamically change the x-axis timespan of the chart.

I've searched the forum and seen various similar articles but can't fathom out exactly what I need to do. I believe it can be done with a UI_control node but don't know what message format and content to send to it to get the desired result.

How is this achieved?


See the options for the chart.

"Dynamic"-x does not seem possible, other than inserting the data with the "dynamic" timeframe. As per documentation

Here is thread about how to change x-axis dynamically. Take it as a starting point, try to get some result and if stuck, share simple flow with small sample of your data. (we need to see the structure of data) Then we can deal with specific questions, what is possible and how to get it.