Easy way to have two line label in ui_button?

Easy way to have two line label in ui_button? A way to sneak line break into a button label?



I did that but the 2nd line is below the edge of the button... So guess I am asking the question wrong. If the button (per the sizing grid) is 1x4 (1 high, 4 long), the 2nd line of is not visible. If I make the button hugh, 2x4 then the 2nd line of text is visible. I guess I was expecting the rendering to be tighter, or a bit smarter, i.e. honor the bounds of the button. Of course if I create a button from a ui_template I could customize it like crazy.. Wonder if allowing the user to set the grid scale is on the future idea list. But that might be a massive thing depending on how things are implemented.

As you can override the css of any dashboard element, you can adjust the button text as you want. It just takes good understanding how styling works. Can't give any example right now but if you search here in forum there is many topics about custom css for dashboard.

The dashboard is not meant to be all things to all men (or women) - it is based off the angular material set of widgets and there opinionated choices and restrictions that come with that... (most of which as @hotNipi mentions can be worked around with effort. The default answer is indeed to set the height to be 2x etc

All of this, is moving to, the point where I get serious about creating custom templates, controls, etc. in the dashboard of course. :slight_smile: At times a short cut is welcome, if such exists of course.

@hotNipi, yep, I am trying to get a vertical progress bar working, I found some CSS examples, but the results are bit hit and miss, just have not got it dialed in quite right, but will. And, the ui-level is cool. But it has one quirk, the first and last tick marks stay colorized for some reason. It does initialize the high water tick that way, but once set, they stay set (min and max) until the control is reset, even after I change the value accordingly.
Maybe something to do with the fact I am using infinity for peak duration.

Oh, and threshold control... going to figure out a way to incorporate that into my fan control flow design, really nice work.

Now if I could just fine the right IR codes to my AC unit... LOL!

The oftopic readout tells that dashboard misses some kind of progress indicator widget. Not first time I see the ui_level tried to use as progress bar.

As artless gauges not working on ios (haven’t tested lately) - sometimes:

Sorry :neutral_face:

The missed update on progress, is not critical to my use, given i use peak infinity and have over 20 incremental steps, so if the bar jumps a bit, not a big deal. I am Android based, so dodged the iOS issue. I download flows as backup and compress them (just because I can), and ui-level is great for reporting the progress of that as well.

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