Edit switch node

Helo guys I have a question about increase the size of "switch node".
Which code I use to increase 1x, 2x, 3x or more times?

If i use the Fontawesome.com,I put in front fa-5x for example.
But if I use the Material.io, how I increase the Icon?

With Frontawesome (fa-5x fa-male)

With Material.io (mi-sensor_door)

In the link https://klarsys.github.io/angular-material-icons/ (from the doc of the switch node) you can see, that you change the size with a size="xx"

<ng-md-icon icon="..." style="fill: ..." size="..."></ng-md-icon>

I tried to fake the input with a iconname" size="48 but was not successful. So it seems you have to use the FontAwsome icons.

Make custom css class like this

And use it like this

For me the mi-sensor_door does not show anything but material icons and fa icons can be adjusted for any size with this trick. Same can be used for button icon.


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