Editing `function` nodes. Weird happening with cursor

I am editing a function node.

I double click on it and I see this:

Screenshot from 2020-01-20 06-49-05

Note how the function part has a grey line and the cursor is there.
Though you can't see it: it is blinking.

Yet, when I start to type, the stuff I type goes into the Name field.

Slightly confusing to why.

Has anyone else seen this happen?

I have noticed it a lot because I open the edit screen and click on the Name field sometimes and before I start typing something happens because when I start typing: nothing happens.

I have to (again) click in the Name field.

Doesn't happen on my browser (Chromium on RaspberryPi)
I have no flashing cursor anywhere

If I type something - it doesn't appear anywhere

I have to explicitly select where I want to type and then I get the flashing cursor


That too is happening.

I brushed over it.

I open a node to edit it's name and click in the name field.
I start to type and ...... nothing.

I have to again click in the name filed before it will allow me to type.
(Typically: It is behaving itself now when I just tried a few.)

Not with me
As soon as I click in an area - the cursor appears there and starts flashing and I can type stuff there

I may have to remember and try loading Chrome next time and trying it again.

what browser are you running on what type of machine/OS ?

I have the same behaviour as Simon (@cymplecy).

FireFox Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Thnaks. Noted.

I tried Firefox (on win10 pc) and it DID do a little glitch (but not same as yours)

I dragged Function node out and double-clicked to edit it

The cursor was flashing in the grey line 1 area

I clicked on Name field and started typing and noticed that the cursor was in two places at once!

It was in the name field behaving normally but it was also still flashing in the grey area in line 1

Having cancelled out - I started again but it did not repeat this behaviour - it behaved exactly the same way as Chrome does

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(Just because I'm paranoid: Doesn't mean they aren't watching me!) :wink:
Charles Bronson. Telefon.

Appreciated. It is nice to know it isn't only happening to me.