Cannot get the Functions in node red to edit

I am fairly new to Node-Red but I am fairly experience with computers. A couple of weeks ago I installed Node-Red and I am trying to hook TTN to my MySQL data base. I am getting the data but when I drag a function block on to the flow I cannot edit the function code. This may be a noob thing or my installation is not behaving. I can double click on the function but when I click into the function area where I would put the code there nothing happens. I do not see a cursor, just nothing. I have seen several examples where there are line numbers I do not see these either. If Import a flow with a function it will run but I cannot see the function code.
I have been looking and searching the internet/node-red forum and I have found nothing. I am assuming I am missing a package, configuration or …?

What browser are you using ?

Also show us what you see when you start node red in a terminal (copy/paste the result here). Also a screenshot showing the problem might be worthwhile.

Do you have any extra nodes added from the pallete? Perhaps one of them is messing it up. I seem to remember a particular python contrib node would turn the function code to garbage (different problem but similar situation).

If you have, I'd suggest removing the additional nodes one at a time (from the pallete), restarting node-red each time and refreshing your browser until it works (hopefully).

Maybe before that you could look in Dev tools on the browser console (F12). Might have some clues.

Ps, have you tried another browser?

Thank you Steve-McLaren it is browser related. I tried the built-in Browser (It is Chrome based) and Firefox on my raspberry and neither worked. But I was reading my email messages on my Kindle. I was able to access my flow and edit the function on the Kindle. My next step is figure why my raspberry browsers will not work.

Richard Greene

Are there any errors in the browser console? You know to use localhost as the IP name/address I assume?

I removed Firefox and then reinstalled it. That fixed my raspberry pi browser to NodeRed issue.

Does it also work using the built in browser?

The builtin browser will not edit the code in functions, the code does not even show.

That's odd. Can you post the terminal output that you see when you start node-red in a terminal. Copy/paste it here if possible rather than a screenshot please.
How did you install node-red?

What version of Raspbian are you using? This was a well known issue with the built-in browser with older versions of Raspbian, but since they changed the default to Chromium (I think...) it hasn't been an issue.

I had not done version upgrades on Raspbian before, because of the question I found that I am on jessie (Version 8 ) so even though it does have a chrome based engine it is not the new Chromium. I accidently used an older image to build this and did not realize I had a jessie build. So I guess I will be backing up my image and run a apt-get dist-upgrade. We will see if I break the MySQL DB, Apache, PHP.

That won't upgrade the operating system version, it just gets you the latest versions of all the packages for the current OS (Jessie in this case). You need to start with a new image to get a new version of Raspbian.

It should do if you follow the full upgrade process of which this is just part.

However, I would agree that it is actually much safer and easier to get a new SD card and build a nice clean installation.

Personally, I try to keep a list of all of the commands I run to install my Pi's in a OneNote notebook. Then a new installation is just a set of copy/paste operations. There generally isn't that much to reinstall. I've tried writing scripts and using Ansible for this but I always find that there are always a few things that need tweaking on the rare occasions a rebuild is needed and so full automation seems never quite worth the effort.

I don't think there is a way of upgrading from Jessie to Buster on Raspbian is there? If there is then I haven't seen it documented. Can you provide a link?
[Edit] Hmm, it seems I didn't look too hard, see link below. However I am not sure how much hope of success you will have with this. For example I don't think it will upgrade nodejs correctly.

Jessie is now two versions ago so the probability of upgrading to Stretch and then onto Buster without it going pear shaped is not good

Maybe worth just upgrading to Stretch and stopping there if successful

Make a full backup onto a spare sd card first

I can never keep those versions straight. You are right, Jessie to Stretch and then Stretch to Buster.

And indeed, I would agree with you. Buster is still very new and some things are known not to work yet. I would stick with Stretch for a while.

All this reminds me that I need to upgrade my Pi2 which is also still on Jessie. :sigh:

I had hoped to have decommissioned my old "live" server by now. Too many other interesting projects (to say nothing of work and family) keep getting in the way :weary:

You are right about the backup as well of course.

I have updated Jessie to stretch then buster using the manual edit of apt sources method (one step at a time) and all worked but it did take about 4 hours. Would have been much quicker to start over.

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Having done that what does this give?
cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list