Unable to edit function part of function node


Hi, have a couple of issue on Node Red V0.20.3, nodejs V10.15.0, on a Raspberry Pi 3 B.

I remove the previous version, with a command like sudo apt-get remove nodered, then removed a couple of directories, cant find the website I used now. Then reinstalled the new version from the node red website. Finally copying my flow across through import via the clipboard.

  1. The easy one first, not sure where the Palette manager has moved to? :smile:

  2. All my function nodes have lost their contents, I am also unable to type into the function part of the node. I have removed all nodes and reinserted them again from a known good source, but the function nodes are still empty and will not allow me to edit the function part. I have included one of my function nodes below, but think as the problem is with my system, others will find the node ok. Not sure where to find the logs from the install to be able to post them.

My Exec and Switch noded have retained their contents

I had to do this as top showed that node red was using 235%cpu, that killed node red, but the underlying system was ok, ie, could remote into the pi and issue commands.

[{"id":"88e0236b.895e7","type":"function","z":"a7b7c806.14a038","name":"Insert Into Table","func":"/*\nmsg.payload = \"INSERT INTO SiteCreatedDB(card_key_facility_code, card_key_card_code, Card_Key_Full_code, currentdate, currenttime, device) values(msg.payload : string[2], msg.payload : string[5],  msg.payload : string[7], date('now'), time('now'), \"Temp_DB\")\"\nreturn msg;\n*/","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":1060,"y":580,"wires":[[]]}]


Why didn't you follow the node-RED guide for installing/upgrading?



Just looked at the code I posted, it looks like the function node has the code, but on my screen, the details are not shown. Clicked on some inject nodes and that triggers the flow through the function nodes, however as I still need to edit the code in the function nodes, I will not be able to do that the way the system is working at the moment. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, well almost any :wink:

Just to clarify, that function I posted is not connected to any other function, it a test I wanted to do but did not get around to doing it before this happened, and it seemed an easy item to pick up and post.



In the function node - is it truly empty or is all the text showing on one line as garbage?
If so, you probably have node-red-contrib-python3-function installed and it is causing the problem. Remove it and the editor areas should be fine again.



I originally did follow that guide, but node red was still using 230% of the cpu and was not responsive. Now it hardly shows up on the list.



It is truly empty, tried to highlight the box in case the text was there, ie white print on white background, but its empty. Dont have the node-red-contrib-python-function installed.

Heading off home, back on Monday.



As @Paul-Reed said, I would go back and do the install using the script. If you still have problems then we all have the same starting point. Since you can't remember what you did it will be hard to figure it out.

BTW - during an upgrade (using the script) your flows are not touched. Once the update is finished you just atart NR and you pick up from where you were.