Nodes' edit dialog boxes no longer open


I installed node-red on my raspberry pi.
I’ve created a few flows with no problems. I added some new custom nodes, and with the latest addition I’ve lost the ability to edit any nodes.
I had difficulties installing SQLite and MySQL nodes, but got them added to the palette.
I can drag new nodes into my flow, and delete them. But now, when I double-click on any node in my flows, nothing happens. Same with .
This happens from the browser on the raspberry pi, and from my desktop using Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.
I’m dead in the water until I can fix this. Help!


Have a look in the browser javascript console for any errors.

You may need to uninstall any additional modules you’ve added one by one to see which is breaking the editor.


Have you updated the pi using the node red update bash <(curl script?

Also restart node-red and check for any messages in the node red log. Don’t forget to refresh the browser windows after restarting node-red.


Thanks all!
I wrote down all the modules I had installed and uninstalled the modules one-by-one, rebooting the Pi each time. No help.
I backed up my flows and deleted the files in the .node-red directory.
I typed node-red-start and that launched a reinstall/repair script.
After the reinstall everything worked and I added my modules back, no problems now.


You did not answer the question as to whether you had run the update script.


Yes, that appeared to be the script that was launched when I tried to start node red after deleting all the files in the node-red directory.