Missing nodes in node-red editor

I just launched NodeRed to work on some stuff and I noticed all of my nodes are gone...

Any idea how I recover from this?

Current version: 13.0.0

Check if your browser has an update available. This is a known issue with older browsers.

We will be releasing 3.0.1 that fixes it today.

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What is Current version 13?

Latest node-red version is V3.0.0

13 will be the HA version...

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The browser update fixed it!
I didn't even know there was a new update as it usually pops up in Chrome on the top right but sure enough there was one

I update to Version 3 this morning and ran in to the same thing on my RPI4. I was freaking out! Never seen it before. I will try to update chromium tomorrow morning. Hoping it fixes it.

Upgrade to V3.0.1 fixed the issue. Thank you!

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