How to revert node-red to previous version

I updated my main raspberry pi4 to node-red 1.1.0 but I would like to revert back to 1.0.3 how would I do that, please.

You can do
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red@1.0.3
then restart node-red. Did you realise that 1.0.6 was the last of the 1.0 versions? There were some bugs in 1.0.3 if I remember correctly.
I am sure the developers would be keen to know if you have a particular problem with 1.1.0

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OK thanks, ill give it a go..

The problem for me with 1.1.0 is not so much the time it takes the editor to load around 10 seconds, I could live with that, but its the fact that if I click on another web page, say the ui page then back again within say 5 seconds later I get the 10 second lag again waiting for the editor to load again that's irritating, but what is very very irritating is that anything over say 10 seconds and I get 'This page isn't responding' and I have to close the web page a spark up a new one.

Ok I have a lot of stuff going on, but no issue with previous version

totalNodesCount: 5156
tabsCount: 49
subflowsCount: 4
nodeTypesCount: 90

With the previous versions of node-red editor loading was almost instant and I could move the focus to other pages and come back to the editor 10 hours later and it would still be responsive, this morning I installed node-red on a new install of buster and imported a few flows just to check if the problem was my setup, nope the lag is still there.

Hi @Dave

thanks for that feedback. I have a couple questions...

  1. where are you running the web-browser? Is it running on the Pi directly or are you accessing it remotely?

  2. When you switch back, is the complete browser tab blank, or just parts of it?

We do have this issue that I think describes what you are seeing -

Whilst we don't fully understand the issue yet (not being able to reproduce locally), the 1.1.1 release this week should help move things forward.


I think I recognise what could be going on here, from a completely different perspective/experience? Could this shine a light on what is going on/how to work around it?

It might be something you've already taken care of, and in that case apologies for the distraction, but I've seen this same issue appear for (don't laugh) developers of games that take place in a single tab but are meant to be run in the background.

HI Nick

Ok I reverted back to 1.0.6 and everything is back to normal no lag, no lost focus, however I also have a further raspberry pi 4 still running 1.1.0 which I haven't reverted yet that one has

totalNodesCount: 2450
tabsCount: 33
subflowsCount: 1
nodeTypesCount: 67

although it has 50% less nodes it still shows the same issue for me.

My chrome browser is running on a windows 10 computer not on the pi's, also checked with edge and firefox same same issue

The browser is not blank its frozen if i'm switching back to the editor page after a short period, there is no indication that the flows and stuff are reloading or when it eventually unfreezes other than the fact I can scroll the page and carry on working, if its a longer period than say 10 seconds then again the page is frozen theirs no indication that it reloading but then I get the 'This page isn't responding' box
If I leave the editor page for say 20 minutes I do get a completely blank page which has to be refreshed to come back to life.

None of this happens on the pi I have reverted back to 1.0.6

Incidentally with 1.1.0 and indeed 1.0.6 the lag on the Dashboard is identical its up within 2 seconds even when the editor is frozen in the case of 1.1.0.

cpu usage is consistently between 5 to max 12% no major spikes, cpu temp consistently 42degC, memory 24% disc 31%

Console shows following
JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.3.0
red.min.js:16 Node-RED: 1.1.0
red.min.js:16 Versions
red.min.js:16 Projects disabled
DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

What version of nodejs are you running? Use node -v to get that.

Hi Colin

On the pi4 I reverted and the and the pi4 I have'nt reverted v8.11.3 my thought this morning was "is this a problem", not wanting to screw up the 2 pi4's, I did a fresh install with the latest buster on a pi3b and installed node red, that one obviously has the latest v12.18.2 and I'm seeing identical issues with it...

totalNodesCount: 1031
tabsCount: 6
subflowsCount: 5
nodeTypesCount: 51

How are you installing node-red? Are you using the recommended script?

Colin, I appreciate you mean well, but is there reason for asking these questions?

The symptom described matches the one we have on github. It is related to the browser. How Node-RED was installed or what version of node.js is being used has no bearing on what Chrome does when you switch back to the editor tab.

Yes always```
bash <(curl -sL

The OP posted

which would suggest it is not the same issue, or if it is it does not only affect Chrome. So I was going in the principle that the more that is known about a system the better.

Hi Nick
Installing node-red 1.1.1 completely solves the problem of loss of focus and lag on all 3 raspberry pis that were involved with this issue, in fact I am now seeing smoother scrolling with 1.1.1 compared to 1.0.6 so I am more than happy, thanks for all your hard work.


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