Node-red editor not show (only the header and node-red logo are visible)

I have installed node.js and install node-red via npm sucessfully. But I visit, there is nothing showed on the website(showed as following) could I do to fix it?Please help me :frowning: :sob:

running logs:

What browser/version are you using? Can you try a different browser?
Open the developer console in the browser, refresh the page, and see if any errors are shown.

Edge and Chrome are both the same situation...Chrome is the latest version. But in the developer console showing as following, how can I fix this?

Did you refresh the page after opening the console? I would expect to see more than that.

That is the console for node-red editor, not the dashboard.

Sorry wrong thread.

yeah, I have refreshed.

I just run the command ="node-red". Is that any problems?

Can you watch the network tab in devtools & hard refresh the page.

and the rest:

Looks like you have browser plugins. For example, I can see the single file plugin is being injected (single-file-hooks-frames.js). Plugins can sometimes adversely affect a web app.

Could you try disabling them one at a time, reload/refresh.


Thank you very much. That's working for me!

It is surprising that it stopped Edge and Chrome from working, or did you have the same plugin in both?

Edge and Chrome share the same plugins, because they got the same kernal... :pensive:

They don't share them unless you install the add-on in both do they?

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