Not able to load Node-RED editor on the given localhost URL

I am using Node-RED on Windows 7 and I tried uninstalling all and installing again but still the issue hasn't resolved yet. I have checked the version of Nodejs and it is as per the recommended.

The loading of the editor on localhost ha been very often.

Can anyone help what can be the exact issue ?

Is it that the Node-RED is not that stable on Windows platform?

That is definitely not the case... many of us have been running multiple instances under Windows for years.

If the editor is not loading, there must be some javascript errors in your browser's dev console -- please use F12 to open it and include any errors you see. If this is not working in IE, then I'm not surprised... most of us use Chrome because D3 running in IE is problematic.

In order for us to help you further without having to guess, please include the following information:

  • nodejs version
  • npm version
  • node-red version

All of these things (and more) can be found in the node-red log when it starts up. When you paste that output here, please put it into a code block to make it easier to read -- just put a separate line with 3 backtics ``` before and after your log output.

Thank you so much for your response. As per your suggestions, the versions are:

  1. Nodejs : V8.12.0
  2. npm : V6.4.1
  3. node-red : V0.19.4

Along with this the following is the screenshot of dev console:
Can you please help me in resolving this?