Node red flows not showing on browser

I have a version of node red 12.18 running on windows. Node red in command prompt running well and data is being sent to MQTT and other nodes perfectly. But when i try to open the node-red in browser, flows were not being loaded on browser.
What could be the possible reason.
node version

Could you have a look in the browser developer tools console. Are there any errors? Also watch the network tab in developer tools while refreshing the page, are there any errors?

What version of node red is this? If your unsure look in the package.json file in the .node-red folder.

Have you changed anything recently e.g. installed or updated a contribution node?

Hi Steve,
There is no error under developer tools but just a warning. Image attached with node red version under package .json

That's not the package.json I need to see. It should be in the root of your .node-red folder.

Looking at all those 304 statuses, I have a funny feeling you're seeing cached pages. Is node-red actually running?

Try disabling cache and refresh the page (F5) keeping Dev tools open on the network tab

What happens?

Hello Steve,

I'm a colleague of @TROJAN053. After disabling the cache and refreshing the page, this is what it shows.

@Steve-Mcl please also find the ss of package file of Node Red

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