Node editing not responsive

I use Node Red installed as an addon on my home assistant. Now, it's quite often that I double-click on a node to edit it or press Enter but nothing happens. I looked for errors at all sort of logs, but nothing is found. Both, node red and home assistant are up to date to the latest version.
Sometimes, when I restart the addon, I can edit some simple nodes before it stops responding. I already tried to clear the browser cache and cookies without success.
Apparently all flows are working as it should be.
Can you help me to understand what is happening?

This is usually due to a misbehaving node.

Open the devtools on your browser the first time it happens - look in the console - there will be an error.

You should let us know which node is causing this so we can fix it or report it to the author.

To get fix node-red editor, a simple browser refresh is all that is required (no need to restart the server)

If not that, then check the system monitor on the machine running node and the machine running the browser and see if something is hogging the processor.

Thank you very much, Steve!
I could partially solve the mystery by disabling all flows and restarting one by one until I get The One that is in trouble. Now I must to check one node by one until I figure the problem.

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