[problem] Not work flow editor Node-RED 1.3.4 on Chrome

Hi everyone, i`m new here, my language is not english, sorry about it.

I have installing Node-RED on my Rpi Zero, also on my Laptop, i have the V1.3, so when i start node-RED on terminal, is all ok, but when i open the editor on google chrome, it frozen..


1.- on my MACbook:

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-07 a la(s) 1.57.34 p. m.

so, when open the flow editor on Chrome:

and now on my Rpi ZERO, SSH:

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-07 a la(s) 2.02.38 p. m.

so, when open the flow editor on Chrome:

when i open the editor on Safari, it work OK!

Note: DASHBOARD on Chorme it work OK, no problem, the problem is only the flow editor.

On the browsers that aren't working, can you use the developer tools? You are likely to see some errors that may give clues. You might also see what is stuck by looking at the networking tab in the dev tools.

Thank you for your response, i'm not a developer, but now i can take this screenshot:


From the image, it looks like you don't have an active tab in the editor. What happens if you add a new tab and add an inject node and dploy it? Can you get in then?

Thank you, Yes @zenofmud from the image looks like, but sure, i have an active tab in the editor, on Safari the flow editor work OK! all nodes work well. only i can not access to flow editor on Chrome

@TotallyInformation this is an screenshot of the networking tab in the dev tools:

The "e.trim is not a function" on Chrome problem has been reported by two other users recently in the thread below. No solution has been found as far as I know.

Just on an off chance, could you make the first tab in the flow active - Just add a new tab and inject node, drag the tab to the left till it is the first tab and deploy. Then test on Chrome.

I don't expect it to work, but......

@zenofmud i just did it, but not work.

look, this is on Safari:

The error in Chrome, the dev tools is:

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-07 a la(s) 3.08.45 p. m.

when i try to open the flow editor on chrome.

Can you open in Chrome and Safari and in both cases, View Source of the page and see if there's any difference in what is returned?

Sure @knolleary i'm try. this look in Chrome and Safari as:

In Chrome:

In Safari:

It look as the same i both!

Okay - but I would not expect a 404 error.

I may have made a bad assumption about the url you are using to access Node-RED - I only had the safari screenshot to go by.

What URL do you access the Node-RED editor on? Whatever it is, add plugins to the end (after removing anything starting with a #).

For example, I access NR locally using http://localhost:1880/ - so its http://localhost:1880/plugins that is the url to look at.

Ok, thank you for your quick answer @knolleary I just try only with this is returned:

on Chrome:

on Safari:

Thanks @MecatronicaMADE - very strange for them to be different, but I can see why a response like that would break things.

I just don't know why Chrome is getting a different response - but it gives me something to go on.

No problem, its OK @knolleary .It works quite well on Safari, I just wanted to share it with the community. by the way, thanks a lot for the Node-RED tool. many successes.

I had a similar experience and it turned out to be a browser cache problem. Can you delete your browser cache in chrome and check if that changes anything?

Hey @jaeti01 thank you, i just delete my browser cahce and i upgraded it too, but when i open the flow editor, not work.
Look like: http://localhost:1880

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-12 a la(s) 9.22.27 p. m.

it freezes, the dashboard work very well, no problem.

The e.trim issue is now fixed in git ready for 1.3.5.

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Thank you so much @knolleary. Now the flow editor is working on Chrome webrowser.

and it looks:


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