Editor, multiple rows for flow tabs

Is there a way, or are they working on for v1.0, to have the Flow tabs in the editor go across multiple rows (show more tabs at the top, instead of 1 long list)?

I have a lot of tabs, and its nice that I can re-order them, but would be even better if I could see more on a single screen, rather than have to use the search, or arrow to move over to the tabs.

Thanks !

Hi @marcusone

no, there is no way to do that today and it isn't something we're currently looking at.

That said, this was quite a common piece of feedback in the recent Developer Survey we ran (full write-up coming very very soon). So whilst unlike to make 1.0, it is an area we need to improve.

Thanks for the quick reply! hopefully it can make it into an early 1.0.1 release :smile:

we try to use semantic versioning so def won't be in a bug fix 1.0.1 :slight_smile:

I would be happy enough if the tabs would size down to the text or (if auto sizing not possible) half the size.
Any sub text or overflow could be displayed in a tooltip.

Alternatively, perhaps a tab width setting or a property in settings.js for the tab size might be enough to appease folk.

When working with many tabs I would even prefer a vertical tab list on the side over a multi-row horizontal tab bar. :wink:


Being able to group tabs together would also be a nice addition

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still not possible in v2.0? :frowning: Tons of great things for sure. but adding a nice fade feature to distinguish the separator easier, doesn't really help when you have a lot of tabs open.