Sidebar for flows instead of tabs

I have a lot of flows in Nodered which is not handy to work with.

When I have to select a flow I have to horizontal scroll the tabs for ages to find the flow I want to edit.

Of course there is a list flows button, but that only shows a few flows and so I have to remember the name of the tab to search it, which I can't.

I would like an option to show all the flows in an additional vertical sidebar like the nodes.

Because of vertical presentation more tabs can be displayed on a screen and scrolling is easier because of a vertical scroll bar.

Maybe it's an idea to create 2 (or 3) submenus in the node list, nodes and flows (and subflows), which are shown as buttons at the top of the node list?

I.E.: In an IDE like Visual Studio, all the files (like tabs in Nodered) are shown on the left in a tree which works more easily than the tabs in Arduino IDE. Also there a buttons to the left side of the filetree to select the function of the sidebar (explorer, search etc.) so maybe it's an idea to take this as an example?

My current Nodered version is: 1.2.9

It's not likely to happen any time soon but you can do something via CSS...

What about the tree view in the info sidebar that lists all tabs and nodes, with buttons next to them to show them in the workspace and lets you quickly search and find anything in your flows? Is the only issue the fact it's in the right not the left?


That is indeed something that helps me out.

But still the Visual Studio layout is easier to use for me.

Files/flows on the left feels more natural, I hope the Visual Code layout can be an inspiration for the future.

Anyway thanks for helping out!

I'm running Redmatic on a CCU3 from homematic, also working with a lot of flows.
As I understand things the Tree-View has to be installed manually be the user?! I think it would be a good thing to have an built in alternative / addon to the given list on top of the current flow.

Maybe it is also possible to add a second or a third line in existing the flowlist?


No, the Outline view in the Info sidebar has been there since Node-RED 1.1 - Version 1.1 released : Node-RED

Thanks, sometimes I don't see the trees because of the wood!
But ... when using this I can't use any other tab like debug or variables ....
... would be good to be able to show more than one of those tabs.
As I'm working with two monitors there would be enough space in the horizontal direction :wink:

For the debug at least you can detach it into a separate window

That little debug pop-out was nice. :slight_smile: I did not see that before.
But the point remains.
Better to have the tabs visible at all times regardless of what is going on on the right sidebar.

Have all you naysayers (no offence) tried the custom stylesheet with the tabs on the left side?
I can't go back to tabs on top now.

That's a big step into the right direction!!
Thanks a lot!!!

The tree view was a great enhancement in version 1.1. I wondered though if it would be possible to make tabs closable (like for subflows). That would allow to have only those tabs open that one currently works on and the others could be opened from the sidebar if needed.

Yes, that is something to be considered. There's another topic on the forum that's been brought back to life by some recent cross-posting that covers that.

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