Navigating between flows

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Each flow populates a tab in the browser. With many flows, the list at the top gets longer and longer. Most time the tar bar is not long enough: Only a fraction of all flows is visible at a time.
Searching & selecting a particular flow means moving, scrolling, guessing (since the name of the flow may be only partially visible), clicking … time & distraction.

Why not create one dedicated browser tab where all available tabs with flows are presented in tiles.
Like a board with stickies.

That offers more space for navigation between flows and makes that navigation much easier. It may gives rise to new perspectives (e.g. hide inactive flows, sort flows by different criteria). This tab should be easily recognizable, always at the same position, if possible.

I have not found that possibility so far (Shame on me if it was there!) and a quick search in the forum revealed next to nothing.

What do you think?

Cheers, Uwe

You can DIY that yourself using link nodes.


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Yeah, this is a crude approximation of what I have in mind. A workaround.
However, I think a tight integration into NR of such a well thought through feature would be infinitely more powerful, useful.
Cheers, Uwe

I didn't really like that idea to start with as it seemed to not quite be in keeping with Node-RED.

However, on a second thinking, I realise that this would actually be really easy to achieve.

And then, on a third thinking, I realised we pretty much already have that. The info sidebar presents it as a compact list rather than cards but they are all there both hidden and visible and selectable:

Shame on me for taking so long to remember it - at least 30 sec! :slight_smile: - in truth I hardly ever use that sidebar and clearly I should use it more often.

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Also; click on dropdown far right of flow tab bar and select List flows (or List subflows).

Or ctl shft F


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