Effect of the formatted display of date / time

sorry, I actually did not post my question correctly a few days ago (copy error)

Here is the question in detail and correctly:

It seems that the date / time is output differently if a format is given in the output:

The time in the object table is: --> 2021-03-18T16: 40: 25.859Z
Issue 1: {{msg.payload}} --> 2021-03-18T16: 40: 25.840Z
Issue 2: {{msg.payload | date: "yy.MM.dd HH: mm: ss"}} --> 03/21/2018 17:40:25

it looks like the output with the format date: "yy.MM.dd HH: mm: ss" increases the time by one hour!

where can I get information about how time formatting works or how time is saved

I use Node-Red with ioBroker

Please don't start a new thread, continue with the original. You can edit the title and first post to correct them if necessary. Also make sure you answer my question there - what is the correct time and timezone for the time values shown? Also check the current time and timezone settings on the machine running node-red and on the machine running the browser, if they are different machines.