Date & time format in debug sidebar

probably this is related with my last node-red upgrade ... but I noticed it in last days. Is there any way to change date & time used by node-red to display in debug sidebar? Now it looks like this:

... and I would like to change this format to other like yyyy-mm-dd 24hh:mm:ss
have anybody got the same issue?

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I believe that format is set by the regional date settings on the machine running the browser.

on my laptop I have European date and time format - for sure I'm not using US format. I also checked what format is defined on server where I have node-red installed and there is also European format ... :frowning:

What browser and version are you using? Perhaps you have configured the browser to use a particular time format.

Can you try a different browser to see if it is different there?

Odd, my output is in UK format as expected on both local dev (Windows) and server live (Debian Linux). It isn't down to the local OS settings though since I have date/time settings on my dev PC (Windows) set to:


So it is ignoring that, hard to say though whether it is the browser doing that, node.js, or Node-RED. I always prefer YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss so I wish that the output did follow the full OS settings.

Double check your browser settings as well to make sure it isn't set to prefer US English.

you are right! this is determined by browser. One browser (Firefox) displays with US format and other (Safari) displays as I have defined in OS Settings.

Thank you for hint !!! :slight_smile:

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yep - browser (Firefox) overwrites OS system settings ...

thank you for help!

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