How to change time picker format ui 24 hours in node red

Hi Guys, i need help
i problem, how to change format time picker to 24 hours
This my flow:
and this on dashboard

Thanks you all

How the time is displayed (across Node-Red Dashboard it seems) is dependent on the settings in your Browser. You will have to Google for your particular one.

Mine is Chrome and it is based on the regional language chosen... go fig?

Canada = 24 hour
US = 12 hour


Hmmm... althogh now after I changed mine (from 12 to 24) to test this... once I switch back to 12 hour time, the form stays* at 24 hour.

  • Even after completely removing the node and starting NR anew... stranger and stranger...


Did you flush the cache?

Yes, but no differance. I don't use that node so no bid deal for me. Just a bit strange as I watched it change from 12 to 24 just fine.

My just deserts, messing up my system for doing the Googling, forum searching and trial reasearch others won't do for themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Fiddled around with the Windows regional formatting a bit, and it (the time option in form node) went back to 12 hour... so apperently both Browser and OS regional formatting can affect this. Makes sense, but not clear on whitch has priority.

This is nothing to do with node red, so that wouldn't make any difference. It is purely down to the OS and browser.

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Excepting the fact that it affects how a Time related feature is used or displayed in Time related nodes made for use in Node-Red... yes, nothing at all :stuck_out_tongue:

But that all pedantry aside :laughing: ... I was just answering the OP's question, mission accomplished, and musing about the complexities of how such 3rd party manipulation is a significant factor in how we read and react to "regionaly" displayed time... and in differing ways withing the "same" application.

Well it is the browser that is rendering it as it is an html5 component, and Node-RED tries to use standard components, so …

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I did mention I was just musing :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, I am now fully aware of what was causing the OP issue and why.

Further experimenting would probaly confirm my suspision that the Browser affected one of my time displays and the OS another, but honestly I was finished with this topic 8 hours ago.

I should have just let all other comments slide... my bad :innocent:

I meant that the way it is displayed is nothing to do with node red, so removing and replacing the node, and restarting node-red, will not make any difference.

Yes, I had already figured that part out later in the topic.

I just have a quirky & sarcastic sense of humor, sorry if I came across otherwise.

Even slight frustration can turn into creativeness and motivator. It is very known that standard components work as they do and only way to fight with it is to do custom components. Here in Node-RED world we do it pretty often, firstly for our own usage and then we share them and we learn that useful components turned out good but not enough because of many many other use cases you haven't even tough about will rise up.
Beautiful world :slight_smile:

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OK, after much attempts to ignore this topic after I determined it was OS (Windows and Android in my tests) or Browser (Chrome) related... I decided to determine which one.

Turns out it is BOTH.

To get reliable results, I had to change the OS first, then the Browser.

In fact, on my one tablet I had the set times showing 24 hour but the picker still with AM/PM :sweat_smile:

The only thing I can say further is that this has taken too much of my time... in either method of looking at it :rofl:

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Thank u all for respon

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