Time format. How to make it 24 hour format

Sorry but this has me confused.

I am using a node and on their demo screen the times are shown in 24 hour format.

When I try, I get it in 12 hour format.

(Not against the reply)
I asked and got this back:

The time input field is a standard HTML control, it shows 24/12 hour clock based on your browser language.
A browser language English (United States) shows a 12 hour clock (therefore with AM/PM), while English (United Kingdom) shows the 24 hour clock.

So, I'm stuck/confused.

Just to also clarify, I have changed the browser language from United States to United Kingdom and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

If you told us which node then we could try it for ourselves.



There seems to be a disconnect with how the times are shown.

I'm using FireFox 83.0 (64-bit)

OK, at least your question makes sense now. What you see is down to the browser, as for how a particular browser chooses to show times I don't know. I think you will find that the format in this node is the same as in the time picker node.

Thanks Colin

I am (alas) worse than ever with my thinking just now. My main machine is down and 90+ % of my notes are on that machine.

The person who wrote the node said it is down to the browser.

I tried setting it as suggested and it made no change.
But I also saw a "Use local settings" button and tried it too - to no avail.

Not a big deal if that is how it is.

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