Either / or - smart plug

Hi, I have 2 smart plugs (hs100 from tp link->node is available) and I want to switch them ON or OFF but the state is depening on the other. For example, if smart plug A is ON the smart plug B has to be OFF an vice versa.
They can be OFF at the same time, but they are not allowed to be ON at the same time.

Thank you for any suggestions

so if they are both off and you turn plug1 on, everthing is ok. If you now turn plug 2 on - will it go on? or will stay off since plug 1 is on?

Will any dashboard switches be allowed to turn the plug off/on?

If there is no dashboard interaction, and turning on a plug will forcet th other off, it shouldn't be to hard. Depending on the sortwafe on the plugs, turning the plug on, should send a signal to nr and at that point you will just send a signal to the other plug to shut it off.

Currently I'm thinking how to code this in node red. Yes it should be done with dashboard switches.
I want to control my magnetic valves for the garden irrigation. And the magnetic valves are plugged into the smart plugs. The problem is, in case of less water pressure I can currently run only one magnetic valve at the same time.

This thread has solutions for a similar situation, but only one out of 4 should be ON at any time. A reduced version of one of those may do what you want.


Hi Colin,

many thanks, this is exactly, what I'm looking for.


BR Marc

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