Elfin ew11 mqtt integration nodered

Anybody played with elfin ew11 modbus rtu to wifi/rj45 converter in nodered through its mqtt protocol ?

I am looking for a function create the right packages for it read/write holding registers, and decode the response back to integer values.


You can try with node-red-contrib-modbus (node) - Node-RED (nodered.org)

I can't put my EW11 work with this, but I triying.

My NR reads the data from the energy meter and inverter with EE11 and sends it to MQTT.
I have no need to write.

Care to share frank?
I am trying to read data without opening any ports from external network with ew11. This is why im thinking mqtt as a middle hub.

EE11A-DDS-Modbus Read.json (11.4 KB)
EE11A-KTL-Modbus Read.json (19.2 KB)

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