Embed FlowFuses NodeRed into Application

Hey everybody,

I'm currently looking into the possibility of utilizing NodeRed as a "workflow builder" (mostly: if A happens call API B) and have a hard time understanding how a possible integration into our current application would look like (Flow Fuse has some enterprise features that would make a lot of sense for us, e.g. HA, SSO & Audit Logging).

Especially interesting is how RBAC / AuthZ would work when embedding NR. We need some special node types only be visible to specific customers and the configuration of these nodes need to be dynamically fetched based on the user (e.g. if user U1 - logged in NR - is in org O1 please populate the dropdown of that node with values X,Y and Z if it's user U2 from O2 please populate the dropdown values with F, G & H ).


Firstly, forgive me if I am misunderstanding your requirement or telling you things you already know :innocent:

Node-RED runs (essentially) as a service so it does not make a great deal of sense (to me) why you would need a nodes setting to provide dropdown options to different users based on the user logged in. at the end of the day, the value chose and set will be applied to the Node-RED flows and executed by the core (not the user who is editing the flows)

What I think makes more sense here is to provide these options via env vars in the FlowFuse platform. Any user in O1 will only get Env vars set in their team.

Alternatively, you could have a central Node-RED that provides the options via an endpoint that interrogates the incoming request and returns the appropriate list of items.

If any of that does not make sense or I missed your point or you just want to chat, please contact us. We are super flexible and always open to new ideas and features.