Emitter for input change in behaviour

Prior to v1 my code to put a wrapper on an input emitter to trap a message before an node processed the message. With the new version node.listeners('input') returns no events when it is runs. The wrappers are applied on "nodes-started". Wondering why and how can I make my wrapper logic worked. Us a wrapper to control flow and get timing information. Plus thinking of using the technique for dynamic debugging.

Unfortunately you havent provided nearly enough info (or a code example) for me to be of much use to you - but something tells me your issue is possibly related to msg cloning by default.


return null;

instead of

return msg;


Can you link to your code so we can see what you mean? There were a number of changes in 1.0 for the async message handling that would have modified how these internal APIs worked.

We have plans for a proper flow debugger, but its predicated on the Pluggable Message routing feature - which would be the public api for inserting code into the messaging path. It's a feature that's very high on my personal wish list, but not currently top of the prioritisation.

One example of my code problem can be found in https://github.com/peterprib/node-red-contrib-queuemanager. queueManager.js is the driver and the RED.events.on("nodes-started" builds does the wrappers for input. Have a correct version for some of the issues caused by 1.0 but can't get pass base issue of emitter not listing anyl events.

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